Jolly Man stories -  Ray Mendenhall      The Jolly Man
               About  the Storyteller 
         Ray Mendenhall comes from a long line of storytellers and
       characters. He has sung songs and told stories most all his life,
    some of them were even true. In 2000, Ray became more deeply
 involved in Storytelling as a performance art. He's been telling stories
 in many public arenas ever since.
         Ray Mendenhall has told stories across North Carolina and in several venues in South Carolina. He has performed at festivals, schools, civic clubs, dinner meetings, professional associations, church gatherings, and numerous public libraries around the state.
         He has performed at the North Carolina State Fair and in 2009, he won first place in the "Boldface Liars' Showdown" in Laurinburg, NC. He has won a gold medal and a bronze medal in the North Carolina State-wide Senior Arts Performance Competition in the category of solo singer and first place in the Pender County Senior Arts Performance Competition with his storytelling.
         Ray has written, spoken and led workshops on storytelling for children, youth and adults. He has been heard to say, on more than one occasion, "coming to storytelling for me was like coming home. It is a place where I truly live." 
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